Snopeke has been breeding and showing in CFA exclusively since 1990. We are located in Canton, MI about 15 minutes from Metro Detroit Airport.
We started in solids many years ago , many of my cats coming from Patricia Paquin of Nook Cattery whose lines included Skyhy, Jovan, Daalimo and had the best boning you ever saw. Her mentoring was priceless & I wish more people in the fancy were like her. My first show kitten came from Patricia – GC RW Nook Ooh La La of Snopeke the most BEAUTIFUL black Persian female you ever saw!
Once we started showing we were “hooked”. Then I saw my first typey silver VerHalen Sneak Preview…it was love at first sight. I quickly became friends with his owner Pamela Mercier & eventually I was allowed the privilege of showing and granding him. I owe my love of silvers & goldens to Pam & her undying friendship over the years to help me learn how to breed silvers of wonderful quality. I look forward to keeping one of my own goldens & granding it soon.
Snopeke has been home to the following 18 grands:

our home
GC, RW Myteenice Why Not of Snopeke
GC, RW Nook Ooh La La of Snopeke
GC, RW Crishon Musette
GC Snopeke L'Amour
GC Snopeke One & Only
GC Snopeke Moses
GC Snopeke Ya Can't Touch This
GC Skyhy Jackie of Nook
GC Nook Savanna
GC Nook Francois
GC Nook Tara
GC Crishon Bit O Heaven of Snopeke
GC Mollycoddled Geminidream of Snopeke
GC Ver Halen Sneak Preview
GC SanLuis ScottFree
GC Snopeke All That
GC Nook Bijou
GC Fancee That I'll Be Dreamin
If you do contact me for one of my babies please know that before I purchased I had studied pedigrees until I could see them in my sleep. I believe in quality NOT quantity so if you think you will come to me for a cheap baby and breed it you are sadly mistaken. I will not place anything with my name on it (or the well respected breeders in the pedigree before me) on it with breeding rights that will not be able to compete in the ring. I have paid TOP dollar for my lines so that I breed according to the standard so do not ask me to deal on price as I will be insulted & you will not get one of my babies- shipping and expenses are the responsibility of the purchaser
*My pets are $1500 (all altered BEFORE leaving)
*Breeding/show is $1800-2500
*Show /top show is $2500-5000
*I will accept mc/visa thru PayPal with 4% surcharge.
Please educate yourself BEFORE your purchase as many sites I have seen animals that are not of good quality & yet advertise that they are rare colors, small size and charge 3000 for a pet. Some registries will allow a mix to be registered as whatever the owner says it is-do not be fooled. You will get what you pay for and yes you will pay more for a quality animal but you can rest assured a good breeder will want to know who you are , want references and will stand behind their animals regarding health etc. A backyard breeder will sell you something dirt cheap let you breed it and ask you no questions except when are you sending the money. (consider you spend $300 on a pet then months down the road the pup becomes sick with disease or congenital defect and all of a sudden you are into thousands in vet bills because now you love this baby and you have no health guarantee nor will the breeder return your phone calls.)
I require half down to hold your baby then half upon either pick up or before shipping. I also require vet references. Your baby will have health certificate, vaccinations and deworming. Your new baby will come with their carrier, baby blanket and toys along with a kitten starter kit. I wish my babies to go into loving pet homes or to cageless small catteries with under 10 cats please. If I sell you a breeder or show baby I require it only be used for cats registered to you and that there is no sharing with other catteries. Upon receipt of deposit I will email you my contract that will be signed and returned before you receive your new baby.
I have been blessed by so many true life long friendships within the fancy & I am grateful.
  If interested in one of my babies please feel free to call Denise at #734-765-5671 & we can discuss your new baby.


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